Why Do Some People Have a Sweet Tooth?

Why Do Some People Have a Sweet Tooth?

Do you have a sweet tooth? Some people seem to love sweets more than others, though we’d argue that everyone loves them at least some of the time. Have you ever wondered why some people seem to crave sweet things more often than others?

While there may not be a literal ‘sweet tooth’ inside your mouth, there are some fascinating reasons why you may be drawn to the sweeter side of life. From genetics to your environment, there are many tasty factors at play in determining whether or not you love sweets.

Here’s the lowdown on why some people have a sweet tooth. Chew it over while you’re thinking about your next sweet treat from the Sweet Factory.

Your Brain is to Blame

Sweetness is a flavour, which means it is associated with cravings. Lots of different things can trigger cravings, but all cravings start in the brain. The brain uses your five senses (touch, taste, smell, hearing, and sight) to trigger your body to crave certain things.

Cravings can be triggered by things you’re currently experiencing, but memories can also trigger them. Your environment also plays a big part in creating your cravings.

Your Environment Encourages Sweet Cravings

You don’t have to work in a sweet shop to have a sweet tooth. If you have a daily habit of consuming something sweet, your brain will become accustomed to the flavour, and you’ll crave more of it.

Maybe you treat yourself to a chocolate biscuit every morning with your cup of tea or coffee. You might even add sugar to your drink as well. Do this regularly, and your brain will soon be reminding you that you need your sweet fix if you forget it.

Memories can also trigger cravings. If you’ve ever walked into a sweet shop and smelled the aroma of your favourite pick and mix sweets, it can take you back to your childhood. Those fond memories of sticky, sweet-filled days can make you want to eat those same sweets so that you can relive the memories associated with them.

Your emotions can also trigger cravings. If you’ve ever been sad or had a bad day and consoled yourself with something sweet, your brain will remember it. The next time something similar happens, you’ll feel the pull of your sweet tooth asking for soothing treats.

Are You Born With a Sweet Tooth?

Scientists have studied the facts behind cravings and our ability to taste certain flavours. Our taste buds can differentiate between flavours, and some people’s taste buds have a stronger reaction to sweet things while others react more strongly to sour things.

Some people are born with more sweet receptor taste buds than other people. Having more sweet receptors means they react more strongly to sweet flavours. These people are the ones who are often said to have a sweet tooth, but perhaps it would be more appropriate to say they have a sweet tongue.

Craving Sugar for Energy

Long ago, our ancient ancestors learned that sweet foods gave them a burst of energy. This burst occurs because sugar has many calories, or energy units, that the body can use up to get energy. 

Have you ever noticed that you crave sweets more when you’re tired? Some people crave them first thing in the morning. These types of cravings are your body’s way of telling you that it needs some energy, but you may not want to snack on the sweets before you’ve even had breakfast.

A craving for sweets isn’t necessarily about our survival instincts kicking in, but the craving can become a habit if we indulge too often. How can we break the habit but still enjoy the sweets we love?

Indulging in Sweets the Smart Way

While it would be lovely to eat sweets all day long, the truth is, it wouldn’t be very healthy. Instead, try to give your body more nutritious treats with a sweet flavour so you can satisfy your sweet tooth without taking in too many empty calories.

  • Berries and other sweet fruits can satisfy a sugary craving
  • Peanut butter with a sprinkling of cocoa powder can hit the sweet spot
  • Smoothies packed with fruit and your favourite milk can satisfy sweet cravings

Sometimes, nothing will satisfy your sweet tooth like your favourite British sweets, so feel free to give in to that craving at least every once in a while.

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