Most Popular Pick and Mix Sweets

Most Popular Pick and Mix Sweets

Walking into your favourite sweet shop is a delight. The different colours and flavours are at your fingertips to look over while discovering new sweets to add to your favourites list.

However, sometimes it can be challenging to get to the shops, or the sweets store may not be open. This can make it challenging to know what new sweets you want to try or pick up a selection of sweets for a gift.

We have researched to find the most popular type of sweets for you to save time. 

15 Most Popular Pick and Mix Sweets

With the astonishing variety of sweets on the market, it can be challenging to choose what you want. Here is a list of the most popular sweets on the market today- 

1. Sugared Strawberries

When you want to have something sweet with a hint of fun, these strawberry-shaped and flavoured jelly sweets covered in a fizz-creating coating will hit the spot for those who love tradition with a bit more fun. We love them so much, we’ve added heart-shaped sugar strawberries to our shop.

2. Teddy Bears

Teddy bears are loved by one and all, so why not have some edible jelly ones to snack on while you cuddle up with your favourite stuffed animal? These tasty little ones come in various colors, flavours, and even sizes for those looking for a tasty treat with a large selection to choose from. 

3. Cola Bottles

If you aren’t thirsty but are craving the taste of a pleasant cola, this sweet is for you! The little cola bottle-shaped sweets with a coating of fizzy will give you the taste of your favourite soda sliding down your throat.

4. The Boas

There is no need to fear this serpent-shaped treat. These snake-shaped jelly sweets are a fun treat for all ages that come in various flavours and colours. The long shape also gives sweets makers the ability to create two flavours in one sweet for an extra treat on the taste buds!

5. Milk Chocolate Beans

A chocolate craving can lead to a messy shirt and hands covered in brown grime on a hot day. These sweet milk chocolate beans have a hard shell covering the chocolate so you can enjoy your chocolate while not having it melt all over you. 

6. Milk Chocolate Raisins

Trying to be healthy is a hard choice. But, by eating these chocolate-covered raisins, you can tell yourself that you had a healthy snack while enjoying your favourite treat at the same time. 

7. Soft Strawberries

Like their sugared counterparts, these strawberry-shaped and flavoured sweets will give you a tasty treat while feeling like you are eating real fruit.

8. Strawberry Belts

Long, chewy ribbon covered in a fizzy coating is often strawberry flavoured and used in Halloween displays. The fun unravelling of the ribbon and fizz when it is in your mouth makes for a fun and tasty sweet.  

9. Spanish Peaches

These sweets are covered in a sugar coating and are made of jelly. However, these have the peach flavour you love and the shape to go with it.

10. Blackberries and Raspberries

These two sweets are molded into the shape of the fruit they are named after and taste just as great! In addition, there are varieties with the sugar coating and without, so you can have the best of both worlds if you want.

11. Strawberry Cables

Strawberry cables are the same as the strawberry rocketz, just without the fizzy coating. This sweet will have your taste buds firmly on Earth but still give you a tasty treat.

12. Fruit Rings

These treats in the shape of a ring are an excellent way to give yourself a fruity treat on the go. With apple, peach, and melon rings, you can create a bag of sweets that mimics a fruit salad!

13. Sugared Triple Cake

This is the perfect sweet for someone who loves the taste of cake. A handful of these delightful little cake-shaped sweets will have you licking your fingers for frosting and wondering where the ice cream is to go with it.

14. Liquorice Cables

You can’t go wrong with this traditional sweet. The thin cable filled with a soft white center makes for a gummy, chewy, and tangy treat all in one bite!

15. Marshmallow

These light, fluffy sweets are a go-to when you want something chewy and soft. You will feel like you are eating a cloud when you put some of these treats in your mouth.

Pick and Mix Sweets Have Something For Everyone

As you can see, there is a little bit of something for everyone when it comes to pick and mix sweets. It is a wonderful treat for you or those you care about, and could brighten anyone’s day with a variety of sweets as a surprise treat.

Sweet Factory not only has a storefront you can peruse, but we also offer a delivery service to send a surprise care package for someone you love! 

Take a look at our entire selection of sweets here today, and pick the perfect treats for any occasion.