Lollipop History And Fun Facts

Lollipop History And Fun Facts

We all love to savor a good sweet treat. Who doesn’t love the anticipation of unwrapping a lollipop? 

Lollipops are a special treat that allow you to savor, lasting longer than most other candies on the shelf. And not only are lollipops long lasting, but they have a million flavors to choose from and are very affordable, making them accessible favorites the world-over. 

Everyone loves a tasty lollipop, but where do they come from? Who invented them and why? Let’s take a look at some of the fun facts about lollipops and their interesting history from factory to shelf!

Lollipop Fun Fact #1: Over 100 Years Of Delicious Fun!

Lollipops were first introduced to the west in 1908 by a man named George Smith from New Haven, Connecticut in the United States. He got the name of the confection from a racehorse named Lollipop. He trademarked the candy’s name in 1932. The idea of lollipops have been around for hundreds of years, with African and Asian societies are said to have made nut and fruit combinations held together by honey on a stick. 

Lollipop Fun Fact #2: 1908 Gave Us The First Lollipop Machine As Well.

1908 was a year of invention and innovation because just as George Smith was introducing the lollipop in Connecticut, the first machine to make lollipops started production in Racine, Wisconsin right around the same time. This machine automated the process of placing the stick into the candy and could make 40 lollipops per minute, which in those days was a very large quantity to be done by automation.

Lollipop Fun Fact #3: 17th Century Ingenuity. 

In Europe in the 1600s, sugar became more widely affordable for the common folk and thus more widely available. Europeans created boiled sugar confections and inserted sticks in the candy to avoid getting their hands sticky. 

Lollipop Fun Fact #4: Dum Dums Mystery Flavor Revealed!

Started in 1923, the Dum Dum Lollipop Company has been around for just about 100 years and they have become famous for their mystery flavor. The packaging has questions marks and it was always a treat (literally) trying to figure out the flavor, but it has been revealed that the mystery flavor is actually created when a batch of one flavor is running out and they begin a new flavor in the same vat, so it’s always a rotating flavor, hence the mystery! 

Lollipop Fun Fact #5: This Company Makes Bug Candy.

Hotlix, a snack and candy manufacturer for over 30 years, is one of the original companies that began selling many varieties of lollipops that contain bugs! You can get scorpion suckers, chocolate covered ants, worms, crickets and more! Definitely snacks for the more adventurous eater.

Lollipop Fun Fact #6: World’s Largest Lollipop.

In 2012, the world’s largest lollipop was created at See’s Candies Lollipop Factory in Burlingame, California, The lollipop was over 4 feet long, 3 feet wide and almost 6 feet tall. It weighed more than 7,000lbs! The stick of the lollipop was 11 feet tall. It holds the world record in the Guinness Book of World Records to this day.

Lollipop Fun Fact #7: Lollipops For Adults. 

Some candy makers even taut beer and wine flavored lollipops for adults. You can also get coffee and tea flavored ones as well.

Lollipop Fun Fact #8: Tootsie Rolls Are On A Roll!

Did you know that the company that makes tootsie roll tootsie pops makes over 16 million lollipops a day!? And they make 60 million (yes, you read that right) tootsie rolls a day as well! Not too shabby for a company that started in the 1930s and gained popularity due to its Depression-era affordable candy.

As you can see, lollipops have been around since humankind discovered how to stick a few delicious food items on a stick. Whether it’s a well-known flavor, a mystery ingredient or something out of the ordinary, we can all agree there’s nothing quite like the ritual of unwrapping your very own lollipop. 

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