Giant Cola Bottles


Love Cola but don’t want the fizz? Akiko went searching for that perfect sweet jelly to satisfy her cola craving and that’s what she found at the very far corner of Sweet-Factory Universe. Unbeatable taste and texture, our giant cola bottles have tons of cola flavor to bring you cosmic pleasure!

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(ﻻوكلا ةهكنب ةيمﻼه ىولح) ةريبكلا ﻻوكلا تاجاجز

Glucose syrup, sugar, beef gelatin (halal), acidulant (citric acid E330), glazing agent (vegetable oil, palm kernel oil, carnauba wax E903, bees wax E901), Flavor (cola), natural color (caramel E150a).Country of Origin: Turkey

ةدام ،(لﻼح) يرقب نيتﻼيج ،ركس ،زوكولج بارش :تانوكملا كيرتسلا ضمح) ةيضمحE330 يتابن تيز) ةيعمش ةدام ،( ابونرخلا عمش ،ليخن ىون تيز*E903 لسعلا عمش ،E901 ،( ليمارك) ةيعانص ناولأ ،(ﻻوك) ةيعانص ةهكنE150a.(